I sit and cry while I write this 😢😢😢


Let me just start by saying…Linkin Park you are hands down my favorite band on this planet. I remember when you guys came out, I remember going to the store seeing your album and being like I want to listen to them I bet they’re great. I went popped the CD in and instantly I was taken away from all the bullshit stress in my life I was at a peace of mind. Ever sense I was 13 (I’m 28 now) I have wanted to meet all of you (No offense when I say I wanted to meet Chester most of all) to shake all you guys hands. I saw the news today and I broke down I couldn’t control it, I can not even imagine how any of you feel y’all were family not just a band and you could here in the music the beat the lyrics just In everything y’all wrote or sang. I have to say that all of you are idols to me and my biggest dream in this world was to meet all of you but Chester he spoke to me, I remember nights when I used to be sad and lonely and crying and I’d popped one of your cds in my portable CD player and I’d lay there and listen and the tears would just stop Everything would seem ok again, or when getting bullied at school I’d come depressed and I would listen to you guys and everything would seem so gloomy. Just in general thru thick and thin thru all the b.s. in my life the ups, downs, inbetweens your music was my safe haven …i am heart broken to know that I will never meet Chester…but I hope to meet the rest of you Mike, Joe, Rob, Brad, Mark, Dave, Pusha, Scott and Kyle …my heavy heart goes out to all of you guys during this sad time…youll always have him with you in your music, heads, and hearts . You guys are, have been, and one way or another always will be the greatest


I too am heartbroken- their music saved me so many times and at my darkest hour (When I was being bullied and when my dad tried to kill himself)… it was their music that brought me back from the brink when I thought that I was ready to end it all… As someone with a fair amount of experience in psychiatric illness as both a victim of and a healthcare professional, I know that I will never be able to forgive myself for not being able to do more or help somehow… RIP Chester I hope you find peace XoXoX


Tears are still falling down my face knowing that my favourite singer is now gone. My parents are still in shock and I hate the fact now that every single day I will have to listen to LP and know that Chester is gone. It’s a massive hole in my chest that will not be filled in any way.



Chester/Linkin Park saved my live and I’m sure i’m not the only one. Im so sad that he wasn’t able to save his own :’( His legacy lives on <3


bonjour à tous.
Je viens juste dire à quel point je suis mal, cela fait 2 jours que je pleur , chaque fois que je pense à Chester les larmes me montent, des que j’entends sa voix c’est pareil.
Je suis si triste si perdu.
courage à vous tous mes amis LPU, car je sais que nous traversons la même mer noir en ce moment , nous avons tous cette même douleurs .
Christophe …France


I’m also devastated by this.
I cared about Chester a lot, even though I never met him. I felt connected to him, because he was also abused as a child, and he also battled depression and suicidal thoughts.
I was supposed to see LP live for the first time on August 8th in Toronto. Now I’ll never be able to experience how amazing they are live.
Listening to their music now, makes me sad. It used to make me feel good. I don’t know if I’ll ever have that feeling back.