I think Burn it Down goes to Nr.1 tommorow!


This Song jumps tommorow to Nr. 1 in Germany Ithink!!![biggrin]

I got the Download of corse but Im happy that it came on radio[confused]!! I´ve heared it this night in the radio at Work!![biggrin]


Actually I never cared about the chart positions of LP (or any other music). More important, tomorrow we can purchase the CD single. :smiley: But of course I’ll feel happy for LP if Burn It Down catches #1 in Charts :wink:


ich glaub “Burn it Down” ist erst zur…äh was war das gleich…EM(oder?) auf den oberen Plätzen der Charts zu finden. ZDF hat ihn ja als Themensong übernommen :smiley:


that would be awesome
now only let it happen in other countries too
if it only happend in america lol


I haven´t heard in on the radio in Denmark so far, hopefully the stations will play it very soon. But I allready have the track on my phone, so I can hear it as much as I want to.
One of the better tracks, I´ve heard in years.


Of Corse i dont care about Chart positions, but when its in the Charts
The radiostations play it and i can hear it at Work!!

Maybe the Big D is right that it climb up in the next weeks.

I think it has the Things to get Nr.1 in Germany


I haven’t heard it in Brasil as well :confused: