I understand how he didnt feel

			~My Poison Pill~

So here I am
@ the halfway mark
The first half should be fun&new
Now I move uncontrollably towards the dark

This feeling within me may be new to some
I got to know it when I was way too young

Now its taking over
its use to tuck away so far from thought that I actually questioned if it was real
now its become me and dominates how I feel

Innocence stolen, In the story of my fairytale
you feed me a poison pill
now Im trapped in darkness, my head is so confused
see its beautiful out here, the sun can be felt on my skin
but that feeling goes no deeper as my soul feels nothing but your sin

Victimized, I helped build the lies
I question why I chose to suffer in silence
Im sure nobody saw it, I made sure the walls were up strong
It took me till today to realize I was screaming help from behind them all along