I’ve been thinking


About Chester today missing him it’s Christmas :christmas_tree: I’m content but no where close to happy :laughing: but I’m not feeling :+1:t2:


Mate, seriously; please stop!

@jFar920 or @derek (sorry for the tag spam)


Please! Did you check out what I post you at least?


No I need to talk to someone


There are plenty of threads already available and links were provided for you in the last thread.


If you need to talk to someone I be here fell free to email me at turners34pink@gmail.com Iistien and everyone here will also help you your not alone


Pm me please


This forum doesn’t have a PM system, you can thank the retard who designed them.


It’s kind of private


Email @turners34, they gave you a means of private communication.


Everyone handles this loss in a different way, but you have to abide by the standards of the forum. As others have already said, there’s plenty of other places you can talk about this here, but creating new topics for every thought you have is just counterproductive, as no one is going to be able to keep up with everything. Look to #we-love-you-chester for similar topics

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