I want my LPU experience to be better


If I google myself I can see any and all posts on the forums here including my profile, and very likely this one, on Google.

If say someone said they were going to a show, especially one at a great distance that can mean days away from home, this allows would-be thieves quite an opportunity…

How does this ruin my experience? I would have no desire to consider posting on meeting up with people from this site, knowing that the details are there for anyone with stalker-esk skills, not only to invade this ‘meet and greet’ with fellow fans, but also potentially tell someone “Hey, I’m not home right now!”

Would this be considered a privacy issue? Or does Google have some mystical power that knows I am logged into LPU and that’s the only reason I can see all LPU threads and profiles?

I just like to keep a little bit of my soul protected from the Internet Gods of Doom & Gloom.


If anyone, who’s NOT an LPU member, google your name and sees the LPU results and tries to open the links, it won’t work. It will ask him/her to login first. The LPU is exclusive.


You don’t need to click on the links. There are little arrows to the right of the links that show the pages within forums. Maybe not all forums, but definitely some, where if I said “See you in (enter city here), I’m leaving tomorrow!” you can see it in a Google search result.

Actually I tried in a browser not logged in and Google took me directly to cached forum threads, some of which have been deleted…and by deleted I mean it shows the ‘deleted’ cached thread and a box pops up saying it’s since been deleted and a button to close it.

If this is the way ground control wants things to be, that’s fine. All I am saying is that I thought it would be more private, exclusive and I’d have more freedom to chat openly with fellow fans without worrying about Google pinching my postings or messages.


This is the first time I hear anyone complain about this. You probably use google chrome that’s why you see what you say you see. In other browsers you can’t. And like I said, if you are NOT logged in you can’t access the site, not a tiny bit of it. I don’t know how or why you can.

Only thing that’s not exclusive on this site anymore are the videos and the chats cause some idiots tend to upload everything on YouTube for everyone to see.


You shouldn’t be sharing your personal details on the forum anyways. Just because this is a fan site and you pay for it, doesn’t mean it’s safe by any means. All personal information should be sent via mail/personal messages.

As for the forum being viewed in some instances, it’s a known bug. Will it be resolved, time will tell.


Thanks Derek :wink:

I guess this is more of a suggestion than a gripe…though most of this would be a non-issue if I used an avatar or nick and not my name…but I can’t see where to change it. If one was to make themselves more anonymous then the Google-foo won’t matter quite so much.


Hey Pauline…Thanks for bringing this to my attention…I googled myself and all communications up there to see…including private message to Wendy saying which hotel I am staying in !!! and the fact my house will be vacant for 2 days …I’m pretty pissed about that as thought messages were private at least !!! How the heck can that be so


oh ok only see messages if I am logged in…if I am not logged in I can still see all comments, that fine by me as not talked about personal details as in address etc…but when I type my name in to google search there is also an entry on google of a friends name, I click on it and up pops all her blogs and pics of her friends, click her friends photo ( not my friends) and up pops their blogs and friends pics and on this goes…! so you can not be logged in and you can read anybody’s blogs and check out all their friends etc and their friends blogs etc so this site is deff not private…so if you are blogging about going away or commenting the same then this is available for the whole world to see…as I have just done so when not logged in on peoples sites who are not my friends


ps think it’s good if people upload videos on youtube, don’t think they are idiots, as that’s just more people who can listen, enjoy and find pleasure, damm good kick yer boots to music, release, comfort in LP…and then can join LPU too…really do not see them as idiots…don’t know what some people expect here…but don’t like stuff personally written that thought only LPU site people had access too, ie talking about going here and what time, day… being completely available to anyone who has google chrome.


The videos, the music and the chats are supposed to be EXCLUSIVE, aka just for US, no one else. So yeah I get pissed everytime someone uploads something on YouTube. We should be able to keep it to ourselves. I don’t care if other people want to see and experience what we do in here. You pay and you get it, you don’t and you miss it, it is that simple. Otherwise, what’s the point in being a LPUer? The m&g and the package? Thanks but no thanks, that’s NOT the point of the LPU.


yeah I get what you say and I respect that