I want to introduce myself


unfortunately, my english is not the best. but i´ll try it :wink: i´m 35 years old and i have a husband, 3 kids, 1 cat and 2 dogs. i´m from germany and i love linkin park since 15 years. 2 weeks ago I was finally on my first concert :slight_smile: it was great! :slight_smile: my husband says: “you are not only a fan… you are addicted” and he´s right :slight_smile: i hope i have a great time here


Welcome! If you need any help with the site just ask


thank you. I will :wink:


Welcome! Let’s be friends!


Hi Melemi and welcome to club of LP addicted people… haha. Your english will getting better, believe me :wink: I sent you a friend request. If you have any questions just write me a message or post it in the forum. Although I myself have to get familiar with the new LPU structure the next days.


HI Melemi :smile: nice to see you here :smile:


Welcome. hope you have massive fun here!


Welcome! I’m also a LP addict :smiley: glad you had a great time at the concert!