I was in trouble Sorry


Sorry if i was disappear from LPU Underground i was fallen in Depression again and i was out of mayself and i can’t handle the situation so i was disappear Sorry to Everyone of my Friends and Sorry to The Linkin Park i needed of time to handle the situation and now i am Stronger very much to kick everyone who don’t Respect Linkin Park Alright i am Back! :smiley: :


I think in times like the one you had recently, you should visit LPU and meet friends. I know it is easy said than done, but being alone is not a good idea. I hope you are fine now. Also, welcome back.


try to hold on :smile:


Welcome back! Hope ur ok now!


Depression is no fun. But like ami said, maybe coming here’ll lift your spirit a little :slight_smile:

And now that you’re back, maybe reading and/or writing along with the Once Upon Another time story thread might lift your spirit too…! It can really crack someone up :stuck_out_tongue:


Dear @gatsie, you cant promote your thread everywhere… without the link to the thread


why thank you @amitrish, how thoughtful of you to put the link up there :stuck_out_tongue: