I wish LP play this mix live again Step Up / Nobody's Listening / It's Goin Down


If they playing Medley this year so maybe next year you will play this mix ?

this is amazing :slight_smile:


Step Up//Nobody’s Listening//It’s Going Down - Oh god I agree :slight_smile: Love this


I agree!! dude this is an amazing mix :slight_smile:


I agree too! Just an amzing mix up.


that’s awesome! yes!


I agree too! Love this mix :wink:


agreed…this one is just amazing mix…
it’s really energetic… hope they include it in setlist anytime soon…


i love this medley so much best ever :slight_smile:


Oh man I really want to listen to this live, I really loveee this! I hope I’ll hear it live one day… one day!


I watched them in Johannesburg (South Africa) recently and I was SOOOO bummed that they didn’t play Nobody’s Listening!


Am I the only one who thinks that this same mix would sound pretty awesome as a studio version as well? Don’t get me wrong, the live one was awesome too. I just think it would be cool to hear done in studio form! :smiley:


i like this mix a lot… i wish this was made as a studio version like Adam said…