I would like to know why germany is getting more tour dates


Chris styles to LPU HQ
can you please explain why Germany has had to date 14 tour dates with 11 there last year three more this year and rest of Europe has had little in the way of tour dates ? this seem very unfair for the rest of us wishing to see linkin park as we cant all afford to travel to other countries to see them live it would be nice if someone from linkin park could tell us why this is happening I don’t blame LP I blame warner bros and the tour organisers for a lack of respect to all fans around the world I know many fans not happy from what I have read on twitter facebook official social media very unhappy about this look forward to hearing from you please do reply thanks chris LP fan for 15 years


It would definitely be nice if the band toured more European countries, aside from Germany.


true to many dates in Germany


You guys should know by now that Germany has the most LP fans. It’s totally understanable for them to tour there all the time. And since Germans are not afraid to jump on planes and trains and travel around their country to go to multiple shows, gives the band (well, the promoters and management) another reason to tour there more often. Cause, honestly, Germany is probably the most profitable place for them in Europe and since the fans never disappoint there I don’t see why they should’nt go back and play all the time for them.

PS. Before anyone lashes out at me, a) I’m not German, b) I understand where you’re coming from since the boys haven’t really been to my country multiple times and I highly doubt they plan on coming back at all, c) don’t hate on Germany (or the UK). If you really think about it, it’s totally normal for them to go back and d) don’t hate management/promoters/whatever. The go after the money in the end.


It’s all about the money in the end. But I do think there are hardcore fans everywhere, not just in Germany :wink:


Definitely. I spoke about numbers, not which country has the “best” fans or anything. I don’t think that’s what they’re after anyways, they’ve proved many times that they don’t care as long as you just like their music.


It seems there are never enough tourdates, no matter where.


evoda I took two days to travel to download so please don’t say we are afraid to trvel some people cant affrord to travel to gernamy and think you will find from watching concerts in Germany they don’t do a lot at concerts but I think it is not linkin parks fauly but it is warner bros and the promoters fault all I am asking for is fairness to all fans of linkin park to get a fair share of dates for tours and the hunting party tour has been to Germany already so why go back again just for money ? really is that what it has come down to ? money and greed ? I thought it was about the fans after all that’s what the band say we love connecting with the fans how if stuck in Germany all the time we just want a fair share of dates for EVERYONE not just one country that pays the most money touring is about the fans !!! not money


oh and more dates for everyone in 2014 no dates in Italy this year 2015 just one date so tell me that’s fair !!


I agree with you @Chris_Styles, it should be about the fans and not the money but the band has unfortunately little say in where they tour, when and how many times. I’m not saying it is fair that they’re playing Germany (and the UK) so much but I do understand why they do it. Same thing happens with Asia and AUS/NZ now. Shouldn’t the guys tour there instead of doing 3 European runs and 2 US ones?

As for traveling to see them, I didn’t mean it in a bad way, like I know so many of us do it, but for German people is little easier, that’s all. Sorry if it sounded otherwise, it wasn’t my intention.

Lastly, they hadn’t been to Italy for 11 years but they came back last year and it was INCREDIBLE. That’s why they’re coming back now. It took them a while to realize it but hey, better late than never right?


I too wish they toured my country even once :stuck_out_tongue:

@evooba 4 disclaimers! :smiley:


If Germany has the such a big fan base why is it linkin park chose England to do the anniversary of hybrid theory from start to finish only time the album has been done it its entirety and not Germany ? seems there fan base is not as it seems I am calling on warner bros the tour management to look on social media and read just how many loyal fans are very unhappy with a lack of fiar dates for all countries around the world I have many friends in the USA that are fourious about these dates after there tour got cancelled due to chesters broken anckle witch I know was a complete accident but I can understand there anger at not getting new tour dates so please come have the courage to explain to your fans Linkin Park why that’s all we are asking for don’t hide from the Fans


this is why I am calling on warner bros the tour management and Linkin Park to explain why they gave Germany more dates when rest of the world is getting little or no dates at all and England was first time they tour for three years !!!


no not better late than never one date dose not make it fair on there fans in Italy and they did not tour Italy in 2014 I know because have a friend in Italy !


Keep in mind that management and Warner Bros and whoever else, do have to deal with the sponsors and venues and all that. It’s not entirely up to them, if the venue asks for too much money to play a certain city, then they don’t. (I know it because my country is in that category and it’s understandable). Also, touring means moving gear from place to place which is not the easiest thing to manage, so they do have to consider that as well.

As for the US tour that got cancelled, Mike did say they would reschedule it but the band is booked till the end of the year so, no time for it. (Hence the US summer festival run).

Lastly, they did play in Italy in 2014. They played the Alfa Romeo Festival in Milan on June 10th. I was there so… yeap.

Oh, and England and them playing HT in it’s entirety; it wasn’t the band’s decision. Download Fest managers asked them to play it so they did.


no that shows you the lack of knowledge you have on this matter go look on LPUTV and watch the video they made the dession to do it there not download asking them I know because I was there and followed each and every tweet put out about it Linkin Park Made the dssion not download so please get your facts correct before posting comments !!!


@Chris_Styles Can you link me to that episode?
I read it in an interview that they were asked to play it and it wasn’t their decision, I wouldn’t have commented on it if I didn’t know my facts.



posted video origanl is no longer on youtube


done posted