If We Were Ghosts


Hey everyone. Of Mice & Men released they’re 5th album 3 days ago. Ive been listening to it and was surprised to find that they made a tribute for Chaz. Its called If We Were Ghosts


I’ve heard it and omg it’s such an amazing song! The lyrics are just beautiful and sad.


Wow I really like this a really great song


I just downloaded this song. I thank everyone who makes music in memory of Chester.


Meh… the song never really takes off and the chorus is a bit weak. Though I like that they did this song as a tribute


oh i didnt know it was a tribute to chester, that makes the song even more beautiful


Completely boring to me. Almost sent me to sleep. Didn’t like the album as a whole really.


I liked Restoring Force but lost a bit of interest in this band afterwards… So haven’t listened to the new album yet


RF is the only OMAM album I like. The ones before are just noise to me, the ones after are becoming a bit generic. RF is a good balance.

Also on a side note, as an electrical / electronic engineer I’m annoyed by the album art. The PCB hasn’t been optimised for space. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I thought too. It covers the heavy and softer sides of the band very well!

What’s this? I don’t understand (typical non-engineer comment :sweat_smile:)


Printed Circuit Board.


Oh lol. I’m only seeing it because you mention it


Did they say anywhere that this song is for Chester or are you guys just making assumptions?


@titan2025 claimed it was a tribute lol :sweat_smile:


It says Chester was an inspiration, not that it was dedicated to him.


@the_termin8r I just listened to the rest of the album and you right it is weak and now I feel stupid now cause I really believed that was for Chester


Yeah tried the rest of the album but this was they only song on it I liked


It actually does say it is a tribute


Well, it is a song about loss in general.

I really liked this album, didn’t even know Aaron could scream like that. I miss Austin, but his departure was for the best.


I am so confused right now