If you can direct a Linkin Park video


If you can direct a Linkin Park video…

  • which song will you choose?
  • what will you make the band do?
  • who will you hire as actors/actresses?
  • what will be the storyline or how will the video look?


because i love to imagine how my own linkin park music videos would be like
but with the LP band members in them though

  • which song will you choose?
    i would love to be director of a lot of music videos but this song is one i have
    been thinking about a lot: blackbirds

  • what will you make the band do?
    [b]i would probably only let mike and chester be in the video, so no band playing like in every video of LP you seen so far.
    kinda strange perhaps, to not see the others but its okay, a lot of other bands do such videos every now and then, its not a big deal

mike will mostly be standing in one spot
chester would move around a bit more[/b]

  • who will you hire as actors/actresses?
    no one, band members only

  • what will be the storyline or how will the video look?
    okay, i think this way , a video for blackbirds , would be awesome.

all happens in a graveyard, dark mood and dark/night vibe / filmed at night
(no emoness, so no black eyeliner or the black nailpolish like they used to do lol)
chester will wear casual stuff, maybe a dark brown jacket, black leather boots, pair of jeans
mike would be wearing a black coat, black sneakers or something, light/blue jeans

all of sudden chester appears, sitting on the ground with his head held down
then he would stand up once the music starts playing, in slow motion
through the scenes you will see a few black feathers around chester, here and there fluttering through the air , while he sings the lyrics from the song (with a few moments of him looking into the camera)
he walks in different places at the graveyard, sometimes waving his arms , whatever he feels like to do

then when its almost time for mike his breakdown, chester would fading away and then pops out of the scene with flash lights like he was some kind of a ghost
and then on the same spot mike appears, a few seconds before he starts to rap

then right between the seconds he stops rapping and chester starts singing again
chester appears again, on same spot, with flash lights again, with his arms open wide
while he conitnues to sing
all of sudden big black wings fade in and appear on his back but then fade away after like 5 / 8 seconds

eventually when the songs comes to its end, the whole scene and chester, the graveyard will become smaller, like you are zooming out
and will add in such an effect like the zooming out, changes into an eye… of a black bird.
when the zooming out is finished, you see a black bird sitting somewhere on a roof top of a like a church or something, at an evening, then after 3 / 4 seconds it will fly away
and then the end.

the video itself would have a lot of cool effects but i cant really descripe what i would want, as for effects lol

for some reason, im really proud of that storyline, EVEN THOUGH it doesnt suit the style of the band at all, i dont care
it would just be awesome


I would love to make a Roads Untravelled Video, showing time lapses and stuff of relationships ending.
And if I made a Skin To Bone music video, well, I did! lol I made it for a video class, at first I was trying to recreate the effects in Waiting For The End but it turned out different and I decided to put it with Skin To Bone instead.


because i love to imagine how my own linkin park music videos would be like

hi SD. awesome idea for blackbirds. i love all the details you gave. i have not listened to blackbirds in a while so i did while reading your post.

keep posting if you come up with ideas for other videos. i would love to read them.


Ok. My turn since I started this thread anyway.

  • which song will you choose? CASTLE OF GLASS
    I have several ideas in my head for this video but this one is the simplest.

  • who will you hire as actors/actresses? The whole band. And cameos by everyone (haha)

  • what will you make the band do?

  • what will be the storyline or how will the video look?

It’s going to be an outdoor video, not shot in a studio. And the video will just be light. The idea came to me when I was walking one day and this song came in my player. It’s a nice song for walking.

The music starts and it’s a nice sunny day. One of the guys shows up walking, Mike first since he’s the one who sings first. He’s on a wide trail in the woods and he’s carrying an acoustic guitar on a sling on his back. He walks along while he’s singing. Rob joins him and he’s playing a not too big drum (marching band style). Chester joins by the first chorus. He’s not carrying anything. Brad, Dave and Joe joins them by that part of the song where we can actually hear the acoustic guitar. Brad and Dave have guitars with them while Joe also has a drum. We’ll see them waiting under a tree along the path. Brad plays guitar while waiting and Dave or Joe is sitting on a tree branch or just leaning on the tree trunk.

They continue to walk along the path which goes uphill. Other people start joining them carrying different light instruments: small drums, tambourines and maraccas, guitars,ukeleles and harmonicas (lol), whatever is not too hard to carry while walking.

This is where the cameos start. They’re joined by their touring crew and their families (wives, parents, siblings, family, friends, Chester’s elder sons). Maybe we get to see some people the guys had worked with: Rick Rubin, members of Fort Minor, STP, Dead by Sunrise, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, X-Ecutioners… (whoever you want to be included, just toss them in. this is a crazy video!). Let’s include those people who had been in other LP videos: the girl in Numb, the kid in From the Inside, some of the people from Lost in the Echo (but they will be happy and smiling in this video). Add in the dogs from Iridescent running along the side.

They all end up at a hill. LP will be at the top in a circle, playing and singing. They are surrounded by all the people who followed them. Chester gets to sing his solo chorus then all the other people are singing along and dancing and having fun by the end of the song. It’s a party!

Craziness. hahahaa.


thank you :smiley:
ill definitely post more of my epic thoughts on music videos cause i got a lot xD

your idea for castle of glass is nice too



  • which song will you choose?

  • what will you make the band do?

  • what will be the storyline or how will the video look?

no storyline. shot in a studio. background is whatever, maybe just a dirty gray wall, like the color of unpainted concrete. the guys will be shown one by one sometimes with the instruments they play in LGM, sometimes just standing there and trying to look swag or goofy while they lip-synch to the song. it’s all solo shots. the guys could be doing random stuff like just walking around or making faces.

by the time the song gets to the “you did it to yourself” part, the guys will start breaking things or act like chester when he does the screaming parts of their songs. imagine rob trying to break his drum set or brad/dave/mike slamming a guitar to the wall or floor. joe will just throw his dj stuff around. chester pretty much will just be himself (no acting needed hahaha).


because i love to imagine how my own linkin park music videos would be like

Then you’re a brave one. I for sure wouldn’t really want to see the result of my work in this sphere.


Wow. I have forgotten that I even created this thread. Somewhere to put my cheesy ideas. [lol]

  • which song will you choose? Castle of Glass (again. cause I love this song okay?)
  • what will be the storyline or how will the video look?

The guys are lying down but they are on separate locations. You only see shots of their head. Chester is lying down some place with sand and tufts of grass. Mike is lying down on concrete or a street somewhere. Joe is lying down on a floor of some building. Rob is on a sandy place. I cannot really think of where Brad and Dave should be but I’ll put Dave somewhere on a field with wild flowers and grass. Brad - maybe I’ll put him on a carpeted floor.

When the song starts, the guys will look like they are sleeping or staring into space or just looking sad. Gradually, they’ll look like they are starting to wake up or become interested in their environment or smile.

Their setting will not be revealed until near the end of the song. Chester is actually in a playground. He gets up and there are kids around him and will seem like he is looking after his daughters. Mike is in an alley and we see him stand up and do some awesome graffiti. Rob is on a beach. He sits up, gets licked by his dog which was actually lying down with him then they both go out and surf. Dave was lying down on a side of a hill on his way to go trekking/mountain climbing. Brad - he sits up, reaches out for a guitar, and plays it. He’s just at home and he’s in hs home library or study (can’t think of what to do for Brad). And Joe, he gets up and we find him in a studio directing a video.

Thanks for reading. Til next time. :slight_smile:


are you on drugs?

just kidding :slight_smile: