If you got LP Summit tickets for Cape Town: Join this Facebook Group


Hey guys.

If you got the tickets to the Summit join this facebook group:



Lets create hype!!!


Heading over now… this is going to be AWESOME!


just my luck…managed to get my partner one but my pc bombed out on my attempt and then it was sold out.


Thats so terrible!!! :frowning:


My partener I have have our own accounts (obvioisly) so I used two browers to get the tickets. So amped! What birthday celebration this will be!


Goed so Jenna!! :smiley: Cant wait to see yall there :smiley:


How many of us will be there? This is bloody insane!


The same thing kinda happened to me.

I had two browsers open one for me and the other for my husband.
Bloody page froze, then I got an error, when I logged on again my cart was empty.

I’m in joburg and flying in for the summit, but only managed to get a ticket for my husband.

don’t know what I’m gonna do?


SERIOUSLY !!! :frowning: … I didnt log in in time for tickets and it was sold out in like 5 mins… I had the LPU PLUS membership and it includes the LP Summit in CPT… but I did not “purchase” the ticket … Does this mean I still get to go to the summit? :frowning: PLease tell me yes.


Unfortunately not man.


There are summit tickets available though O:


Hey guys… PLEASE remember to join the LP SUMMIT FACEBOOK GROUP if you got summit tickets.

We want to get a head count want want to arrange a fan walk and make a flag to give to LP

Please join if you got tickets: http://www.facebook.com/groups/LPUSummit/


I am slightly confused…
I am a LPU Plus Member.
I went on this morning (22/10), and “purchased” my summit pass.
The checkout process said $50, but once I reached the last stage of the checkout, I was discounted the full amount due to my Plus membership (as expected).

I received the mail stating that I had made the purchase. In addition, if I go to my orders page, the summit “order” has been “fulfilled”.

With everyone talking about tickets sold out, does this mean as a Plus member I automatically get into the summit??