If you had the chance for a meeting with the band what would you ask (for the unlucky not able to get M&G


What would you ask the band if you had a chance? I have loads of questions too ask but a few are on top of my list

what happens to the 100’s of tracks considered not good enough for the albums on release, do they get stored in some secret Linkin Park end of days bunker, or are they literally discarded and forgotten about

In the song high voltage is there made mention to X-men / mutant / super powers in the verses, always wondered that

Seeing that the band is a family is Rob treated like the little brother

Who is the prankster in the group

and finally When can we expect to see Linkin Park in South Africa again? Surely this cant be a once off?

Sad and jealous about not being selected for M&G, and coz of the birth of my baby boy not being able to the Summit , but still glad to see them perform


I wouldnt necessarily ask anything lol I have alot I would like to tell them. About how their music has helped saved and turned my life around. I have a plan on what I would like to do if ever given a meet and greet…heck if ever they come back to Georgia for a concert! Best experience of my life! I really hope this is just the start to a world tour and they do come back because The Honda Civic tour was just a tease!


I would tell them : Thank you for saving me, thank you for being the reason i’m still here

aaaaaaaand that’s all.

(Maybe i’d tell Mike i love him xD)


erm I think I would congratulate them on coming out the other end of the nu Metal phase and coming back stronger because a lot bands crashed and burned and ask them if they want a beer some time :slight_smile:


i wouldnt ask them anything because i would probably faint :smiley:


There are always so many questions n so little time. If I could I would ask them: “How do you guys balance family life with your careers (esp for the ones with children)?” “When do you guys find time to relax with all that busy shedules?” and “What is something you guys would like to try in the future (new music sounds, artists, side projects)?” theres probably more but those are some questions I would start with


Because I will never have the chance to meet and greet them, it will remain a wish, but I would ask them to keep doing what there doing and hope that every band member will be happy with their family, choices they made and continue to care for the world.