IF you had to name the best concert you ever went to what would it be?


You could name it by greatest to least or you could just explain why? it doest matter what you do as long as it is your favorite best band.

If they told you to come on the stage what would you do?


Best live band is Muse with the Red Hot Chili Peppers following. They’re both insanely good.


Never been to any concert :frowning:


Best live band that I’ve seen footage of is probably Blindspott. I haven’t been to any concerts either.


I BADLY want to go to Hurricane Festival 2017 to see LP, SOAD and 5FDP in a row.


Never been to a concert before. In July, I’m seeing LP in Manchester so I’m definitely looking forward to that​:heart_eyes::metal:


I think it would be The Cure. They play for 3 hours straight and they always have a quite diverse setlist. Great atmosphere during the dark and moody tracks.

Second one would be The Mars Volta. I saw them twice and both were completely different experiences. Both shows were awesome.


Rock in roll


Lets see Tenacious D were amazing live
Been to a number of festivals
Download 3 times
Road To Revolution
Lots of live bands there like S.o.a.D (Amazing live)
Avenge Sevenfold also great live
30 Second To Mars were crazy live when Supporting Linkin Park
Saw them in Paris and Jared Leto went into the crowd by dodging the guards was pretty funny


me tooooo :confused: @evkorngdlpid


Same… I really “WANTED TO” said Serj

Also me :sob:


I think you’ve been to so many concerts like no one else on this forum😛


Linkin Park was my first concert and the reason for all my festival goings including the very 1st Sonisphere UK
I have been very lucky and seen ALOT of bands to the point I couldn’t name them all

Thats the best thing about festivals
You see soooo many bands thats its deffo worth the money

I’ve also been lucky to see the biggest rock/metal bands in our time


They are they worst band I’ve seen live. They were horrible. I still don’t know why everyone says they kick a** live.


I enjoyed them live at the moment in time maybe because it was like only 3-4 songs they played and the whole Jared Leto running into the crowd was really cool too
As an overall experience i enjoyed it and they got the crowd going


I don’t know how early that was…how many years ago?

I saw them in 2011, at the peak of their carreer, I was expecting so much but it was so bad. And Jared pissed me off so much during the show with his non stop talking and no music playing.


Was 30th May 2007


This topic’s title is longer than the OP :stuck_out_tongue:


Never went to a concert but if they pick me to be there I guess I just sing along Not like the rest possible hump the performers legs lol


I’ve seen Talking To Myself live on the web just now. Now I want to go to LP concert even harder :see_no_evil: