I'll Be Gone: ATS demo version VS Living Things version


Which version do you prefer? I’m in love with the demo version.


Primo sounded awsome!!!, I have been waiting for a while, Since I saw the name on the Meeting of A Thousand Suns video!! :slight_smile: Hm I think the version on Living Things is better because it is a finished version, but if they had finished Primo as it is I think it whould be better. Primo is from 2010, it sounds like it whould fit better with ATS then LT, the finished version fits in LT!


I see it too the working title. It would be great if was released in A Thousand Suns, between The Catalyst and The Messenger. It would be a perfect transition :slight_smile:


If you hear closely in the background in around 3:20- you can hear something that sound alike Burning In The Skies.


I see it too the working title. It would be great if was released in A Thousand Suns, between The Catalyst and The Messenger. It would be a perfect transition :)[/quote]

Rather instead of The Radiance or Empty Spaces!! those two songs are the only two I don’t like from LP!!


No. Not Burning In The Skies. If you hear on the end of Jornada Del Muerto or at the beginning of Blackout!


Personally, the entire A Thousand Suns is awesome (is my favourite record after Hybrid Theory). I think Primo was added into the album, without replace any other song :slight_smile:


Yeah! But Empty Spaces could rather be an outro on Burning In The Skies, and The Radiance just sounds to Noizy-ish. Just don’t like it! And they usually make 11 songs + instrumental tracks. ATS has only 9 songs! :frowning: Wish they had brought in New Divide and Pretend To Be!! Or Primo!! Or they could finish Debris and put that on it!! :wink:


I definitely think that I’LL BE GONE is the better version, I think they chose the right direction. But Primo sounds AMAZING. One of the best demos we have got through the LPU in all the years. I’ve been a member since LPU 3.0 and I consider Primo to be one of the very best demos we have got.


Do you now if you have to resign again when LPU 13 starts?? or are you still a member?


the real version of living things is better in my opinion
the demo is also really nice
i like them both A LOT


The demo fell like a more slow done song :slight_smile:


This was supposed to be on ATS?! Sorry peeps but i’m one of the few who don’t like ATS, but this by far is the best thing I’ve heard in a while. First listen gave me chills. Hope the rest of the LPU 13 album is this good! Haha


I mean I don’t really have a favorite because they both are different styles. Primo sounded like ATS and I’ll Be Gone sounds like LT. THEY ARE BOTH GREAT! I can’t decide.


I love the demo ! But doesn’t it sound like Minutes to Midnight ? I mean the background in the beginning, I could hear the mixture of “In Pieces” and “A Little Things Give You Away” from MTM. So smooth and slow flowing song. Also has got the touch of ATS.
This demo is awesome and waiting for LPU 13 !


Both are awesome, bute I love the demo more than the original LT I’ll be gone.


The demo version its amazing!!! I think that is better than the original a little bit…Linkin Park will continue making great music forever!!


I preferred the chorus in the Living Things version but other than that, the Primo is sooo much better. They actually put a clean guitar in there! Sounds awesome!


Yes, the entire title is Primo (I’ll Be Gone - Longform 2010 Demo), and you can see the working title in the Meeting of A Thousand Suns documentray :slight_smile: