I'm back; Who else is seeing LP in Cincinnati?


Hey everyone. I decided to start getting on here again and use these since it wasn’t anybody’s fault for why I left towards the end of last year. I just needed some time and space away from people who were criticizing me on what I posted just because I was new to these and had no idea how stuff worked. But not I have dealt with things and am a lot nicer now that I have gotten away from all the drama.

Anyway, I will be seeing Linkin Park for a second time on August 12 in Cincinnati, Ohio and wanted to know who all is going too since I would like to meet some fans at it. Some people on Instagram have already told me they are but wanted to see if anybody else is. Hope that I will meet the band again and even if I am not chosen I will have a great time standing at the barricade since I haven’t lived that dream yet. The show is less than three months away but I am already excited to go.


Welcome back :slight_smile:


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