Im new and I just got into linkin park again


Hi, so I’m new to this and don’t really know how to do this well, or if I’m doing this right. I’m also Dylexsic so sorry for my shit spelling.
So when I was younger my dad loved rock and would play his music for me and my sisters all the time. And that was when I was first introduced to LINKIN PARK but as I got a little older my older sister started to hate rock and would only listen to pop which pulled me away from rock music and LINKIN PARK until my teens. About 2 years ago I stumbled across an old Panic! At the disco album and that was that start of when I started getting back into rock/Alternative. I started getting sucked into stuff like Three Days Grace and Blink-182.
People keep telling me to listen to LINKIN PARK but I keep pushing it back for some reason or forgot to look them up, until I heard on the radio Chester had killed himself. I was in the car with my dad and he said something like how he was surprised that I hadn’t gotten back into LINKIN PARK. So I looked them up finally and got addicted.
My favorite songs at the moment are
Shadow of the day
Breaking the habit
Leave out all the rest
And waiting for the end

Is there any other awesome song I should check out?


All of them. :stuck_out_tongue: Do a discography run, then give the LPU albums a listen.


Waiting for the end, line in the sand, sorry for now, burn it down, bleed it out,
You really do need to go in order to feel their growth or shift in styles but they’re all great in their own merit :slight_smile: it’s few artists who you can listen to their discography from start to end without needing to hit skip haha


Welcome to the LPU ! :sun_with_face: :smile: agreed with previous posts… you should listen all the albums to know better their music,style,soul,changes… :smile:


Welcome to the LPU! It’s been said already, but start with Hybrid Theory! Work your way up to One More Light from there, and enjoy your journey!


Welcome to the LPU! Like the others said, listen to everything! :smile:


Welcome to the LPU!! :slightly_smiling_face::hugs: Like has been said, everything of theirs is worth listening to.


I can’t find one song from lp that I don’t like!
I never stopped listen to lp but I have been away from the underground for way too long!


Welcome ! :smiley:

Each album have good songs. And they are pretty different because it’s Linkin Park (not a rock band, not a rap band, not an electronic music band … It’s Linkin Park!).

So like has been said, the best thing to do is to listen to every songs and make your own point of view on it. :blush:


Welcome to the family soldier! :v:t2:- where are you from? Your name sounds very german to me- asking cause I am from there :sunny:


Welcome to the LPU!


Welcome and I agree with everything said before me and you we find the song that speaks to you. And every song you will enjoy and I hope enjoy it here


If the question on German origin was for me?
So no I’m from Sweden! My grandfather changed surname along time ago and no one knows where it comes from?


Lol yes, it was a q to you, and I saw you in the swedish fans thread already- that cleared it up! And your several posts in other threads are showing that you’re already in the flow of the lpu! Enjoy my friend :sunny:


There are something special with LP fans! always kind and respectful


Oh there’s a new soldier!! Welcome! :sun_with_face:


Welcome back @hennler!


@AJ_7 Thanks! It´s good to be back!