Im new and I need help with order


I’ve ordered the lpu 16 welcome bundle + membership on November 30th. I haven’t received any emails, also can’t find details about my order. What should I do? Where can I check status of the order? I’ve read some posts that I can find order under manage account, I don’t have anything there only edit profile. Would really appreciate your help!


You should have received a receipt of your order in your email. If you click on the order number there, it re-directs you to a page where you can check the status of it.


If you haven’t received any emails at all about it, are you sure it went through? Checking your account would only show if your membership is currently active, and if you got the Welcome Bundle, it won’t automatically activate (you need an email to do it)

Make sure they didn’t go to your spam and that you entered the right email on your account, or that then order even went through by checking you credit card purchases