I'm new in the underground


Hi to all, I’ve just got a trial for 30 days with shazam and don’t exactly know how the site works, so I want someone to please help/explain me that, and I use this forum to that and to meet people if possible.

PD: Where are you from? I’m from Colombia :smiley:


Hi!!! Im new too. How did u get it? I tried a lot of times xD
I had got a trial for 30 days with The Hunting Party CD, but it has expired this week. So, thanks of my soon birthday party, my brother and parents bought me the pack and now Im here for the next year :smiley:. Im learning too so… I cant tell u so much!
By the way, I’m spanish and I have just realized I could have sent u this message in spanish :cold_sweat:.


Hi…me too…i’m a new LPU 30 day trial and i’m so excited to join with a member of LPU in around the world…greetings from Indonesia…:blush:


Welcome newbies, have a lot of fun exspecially in the forum! We soldiers mostly meet there, create new topics, don´t be shy, even a blog brings you in contact with the others…go out and make friends…


Jajajajaja no tengo problema con el idioma que usemos :grin:
me pasó algo parecido a lo tuyo, compré el living things en 2013 y tenia también un mes de prueba, pero como fue sacado en 2012 ya llevaba un año de expirado cuando compré el album, afortunadamente estos dias la banda habilitó un mes de prueba con shazam. Y aunque ya mas o menos me he adaptado al sitio gracias por responderme, igual podemos hablar cuando quieras :slight_smile:
Ah y feliz cumpleaños! (no me quedó claro si fue o será pronto xD)


Thanks (man, woman?), I hope soon I can buy a year complete subscription and meet even more people, nice to know you, greetings :smile:


Hi, that’s cool, I’m happy to get this trial too, hope you enjoy this, greetings :slight_smile:


no prob, see you in the underground


I hope so…:joy::sweat_smile::blush:


welcome to linking park underground have fun :slight_smile:


Aun va a serlo, el 19 de agosto!! Jajaja
Lo malo de ser un trial simplemente es que no puedes acceder a las video llamadas T.T pero bueno, no está mal para investigar por aquí jajaja


Hello! I’m new too, only 3 days😊 And I’m from Belarus (:


Hi I’m new too! I’m from Italy :it:


A big welcome to all the new people. You will love it. Theres some really cool people on here. You will all make new friends for sure!


Hi. I’m new, too. Chinese here~ :smiley:


Thanks :grin:


Pues, feliz proximo cumpleaños :smile:


Ooooh gracias <3


Welcome everybody here at the community, we´re getting more and more, thats for sure!


Hello, I’m from Belarus too :smile: но я не пойду на концерт :unamused: