I'm new LPU here .I come from China .How to get a M&G opportunity?


I’m new LPU14 here ,I come from China , I want to know how to get the M&G opportunity ?I find the CONTESTS page ,but can’t find any information about the July concert in China M&G in this page . :sob:
Who can tell me how to do ? I really really really want to meet the LP :sob: :sob: I waiting for this opportunity already 6 years :sob: :sob: I don’t want miss this opportunity Somebody can tell me how to get the rare opportunity .? :cry: :cry:


They usually annouce M&Gs of a tour later than the tour dates, and the entries on the contests page normally stay until a week before each show. M&G info for China will follow soon.


You mean the China contests M&G information haven’t put in the page ? :smile: I find the other contests in Aug, so I just afraid I miss the information. :sob:


You´ll get a code on your dashboard…


(Resonded with the wrong account haha)

The M&G entries for China haven’t appeared yet. The European tour in August was announced way before China, that’s why the EU M&Gs are already on the Contests page. They never close until a week before each show so you can’t have missed them yet. :smile:

Wait for an announcement by LPUHQ.


What’s good (or bad for some) is that not only do you need to rely on the lottery for a M&G, but you can buy a package now that includes the M&G. For around $500 you get tickets, side stage, and M&G. A bargain in my eyes


Is it available for the concerts in China?


Just waiting, many Chinese members are looking forward to seeing them.


Cause of the geat fanbase in china, the band comes to your country, so, the excess-code comes some time befor or even if the official card sale begann. When takes it part, the concert?


I’m not sure if there will be Prenium Packages available for China. Usually they appear as soon as the ticket sale starts. Maybe they’re still figuring out where the Summit will be. I’m pretty sure China will have the next LPU Summit…


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