I'm new to LPU. How Does this all work?


How do the presale tickets and M&G Opertunities work? Will I automatically get a notification when said events pop up? Or… Even just some helpful hints and tricks would be helpful so I know what to expect and kinda give me an idea as to what I’m doing. Because as it stands, I’m not sure how to get any of the promised features of LPU. Thanks!! :slight_smile:


So welcome, it´s fine here everything works fine, we are a community with the real spirit (lp music can make you feel it) go out and make friends…


I believe that all presales and Meet & Greets are announced by email before hand, but if not, Meet & Greets show up under the Contest section at http://linkinpark.com/contests . I don’t remember where presale stuff shows up at, sorry. As for other features, off the top of my head there’s the forum obviously, then there’s the chat, which as of lately is kinda dead sadly, band chats, which are for sure announced beforehand by email, the store where you can buy exclusive merchandise, the monthly contest to win free stuff, and LPU-TC, which is like LPTV, but for LPU members only. You probably knew about most, if not all of these since they’re general, but I’m sure there’s more. All this stuff can be found at the main community page at http://linkinpark.com/community

And welcome to LP Underground!