Im New To LPU


anyone on here from the UK as Im brand spanking new to this fancy taking me under their wing :slight_smile:


Hi! And welcome soldier:)


cheers dude howz Las Vegas these days still all bright and shiny :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m new to [smile]


Hello and welcome to LPU family:)


Welcome, LPUers newbies(?)! [mrgreen]




Welcome new LP soilders y’all r gonna luv LPU


My advise for new comers is to find someone who lives in your area so when you attened an LP concert you have someone to meet up with! thats what i did :smiley:


welcome to the lpunderground footierob87




thanks guys may one day meet you in this life or another [wink] still nobody from the UK though where are they all


welcome to the fam! [smile][biggrin]


Welcome to the LPU family. :slight_smile:
Hope you enjoy it here- it’s a fun place.


that means ur a new victim… i mean what?


Welcome to the great family!


welcome guys !!


Hi, I’m from Poland and I’m new here;)


Heeeey :smiley: I also from Poland and i’m new ! LPU is amazing !


Welcome new guys! It’s fun to see new people here! ;D