I'm No Fake (Working Title) - Ace Masters


This song was inspired by Fort Minor - Get Me Gone
Please note that this song has got a completely different flow

I was told i don’t know shit
Not even a little bit
That the dream im chasing is fake
And that i should quit
But i still followed my dream
Put out a story about me
Now there’s silence within the ranks
And now they claim to be a fan of me
Now the media say that i’m a fake
My fans say that their making a mistake
That im not just a overnight star
That they just wanna hate
But i continue to play them down
That i’m gonna stick around
I’m not going anywhere you son of a bitches
So just sit back and listen to me now



This is cool!
You got your instrumental for this?


Once again awesome song writing acemaster


@evkorngdlpid i wished as lyrical as i might be i can barely sing let alone play an instrument lol


@acemasters that’s awesome I love it. :heart:


Eh… I have a rhythm for this…


Its very nice. :slight_smile: