I'm screwed and only LP can help


Adam, I believe you are the go to guy.

I’m based in Cape Town and so far I have bought, 1 x LPU Plus Pass, 3 x Golden Circle Standing Tickets and 1 x Summit Pass (for my mrs as mine was free). So I have spent US$394.40. Last Friday I was told that I have to be in Joburg this whole week due to business requirements!!!

I’ve tried to get my Golden Circle ticket changed to Joburg venue as it is currently for Cape Town. After speaking to Computicket and Big Concerts I was told that only LP can help me. I logged a query with ground(ctrl) (#99853) and haven’t received any feedback.

Is there any way that you will be able to help me out??

We’ve been waiting for years to see you guys in South Africa and I really can’t miss out on this opportunity.


Eish, I hope you can sort it out!


Dude… They wont bealbe to change the tickets seeing that there is limited places available…

What I would suggest is sell the tickets and buy JHB tix


Yeah, that was obviously my first thought. However there is no more Golden Circle tickets available. Only the crappy ones in the back.


My husband and I have Jhb Golden Circle tickets, but he has injured his back badly! If he isn’t able to stand at the concert, perhaps he can sell his ticket to you. However I am doing everything in my power to get him better for then. Send me your number anyway, he is going to the neurosurgeon tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll get the verdict soon!


I’m sorry to hear about your husband. As much as I want the ticket, I hope he recovers in time. My wife is having to go alone now due to me being in Jhb. I have sent you my number in a message and look forward to hearing from you.