I'm the Master of my Seas - Honey8


I have written this ballad some days ago. Hope you all like it

For some it’s nightmare, for some it’s real
You may fell every word and sentence from here
She was little broken, little puffed up with fear
Didn’t knew how this sinking feeling got near

Call her Ella, real name was Elice
It was fine day and she was home alone
Her parents went to little get-together
And she was talking to a friend on her phone

That time home landline ringed
There was a news that made her mind swing
Her heart beat stopped and mind went black
News- her parents went of a car crash

She ran to healthline as fast she could
Talked to doctors and nurse
They told her parents were in cabin 27A
And apologized that they couldn’t be saved

She cried and wept, there was nothing she could do
Mom’s touching care, the love that was true
Dad’s teachings and paths he showed
Ella recalled everything as she soaked

She had no siblings. This only child
Was inspired by nature in a dark night
Walked on the road out of the health line
The road had different scent that night

It was dark as coal and just moonlight shown
Ella was silent as cold wind soared
It was lone road, no man in sight
Just trees and buzzing insects of night

She trodded a dead leaf as walked on
Stepped back, picked up and frowned
Dead leaf taught her greatest truth
“Nothing’s eternal, its a mortal world
Its a mortal world, everything has time
Everything dies after they sing their rhyme”

Ella gave a sigh and walked on
And saw an owl on the branch
It was beautiful and white as snow
And something made her eyes glow

“What if you’re different? Nothing’s wrong
Love who you are and where you are from
There’s nothing you need to prove others
You are beautifully imperfect & it never bothers”

Ella walked on and came to a place
She stood in in a clearing with moonlight on her face
Felt like she’s standing on the centre stage
Facing outside world, away from her cage
The essence she got was
“The life’s sometimes dark, but light is never dead”

Ella came to a river bend
It was covered with mist and scent
The night lear engraved in her mind
Until she completes her rhyme

She washed her face
Along with disgrace
Stood up brave and said
Audacious’ words ahead

“I shall rise and live my life
Make my own future indeed
Being feisty, I will strive
Yes, I’m the Master of my Seas!”

The Band


That’s… brilliant
Truly… I can’t even find words for that. This story… the girl feels real and alive
Great job!


Nice! I like it! :ok_hand:


@NickGr and @NoireXJasper thnaks a lot guys…i am glad you liked it. :slight_smile::blush::grinning::smiley:


This is really good

“Ella came to a river bend
It was covered with mist and scent
The night lear engraved in her mind
Until she completes her rhyme”

I actually sung this to the theme of Castle of Glass hehe :blush:


@acemasters Thnx a lot! Well, thats true…it rhymes with castle of glass…i didn’t noticed :blush: