I'm thinking about quit my job to see LP SHOWS


I mean, its just a job i’ll be working for rest of my life And LP is not gonna play live forever and i want make my dreams come true. I dont even like my job and people I work with and probably i will not get days off to see shows in the summer. Linkin Park, this is something what really makes me happy. Meet new friends, see old ones, talk to stranger who feeling same way as you , go to MG talk to guys and be part of the amazing show who no one know what may happen. This is what make me really happy and i love it. I love travelling. LP is the best thing happend in my life and being on the show is the best feeling ever. Im big fan from 13 years and its not just music for me its something more.
I seen LP 14 times so far But it’s not enough for me. I want more, more and more, them music give me so much and i want see them a lot of times.

Should I do it and after summer tour can find new job?

What would u do ?


That’s crazy no way. Unless u find something new u want n join after ur tour.


At this day and age, as much as I love music and LP and other bands, I would never jeopardize my steady income from a job, even if I hated it as you. Unless I’d found something else and was sure they’d give me the job, I wouldn’t risk quitting and going to a show just for the sake of it.


Even after 14x, you want to quit your job to see the band? Maybe you can switch jobs and create a vacation period to watch the band in between. Otherwise, my suggestion is…


Quitting your job to see LP live? Unless you are certain you will find a new one by the time you’ve been to those concert shows, I’d think twice if I were you. There’s a chance you might not find another job for months. I know people who are sitting at home, unemployed for years!

Money isn’t everything but not completely unneeded when you want to be able to travel to all those shows, keep a roof above your head, feed yourself and all that junk… Unless you have a secret money tree growing somewhere… If so, send me the seeds cause I’d like one too.


This would be the most stupid thing you could do. I can understand that you don’t like your job, but it’s where you get the money for the new albums, concerts, merchandise and so on. Going to a concert won’t pay food, medicine and rent (and you shouldn’t pin your hope on Music for relief :wink: ). Life is not only concerts, friends and LP. You want to escape from your job - okay. But find something else before you quit.


There are people waiting to get a job! Now you have a decent paying job, it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, but it is paying you for your food and shelter at least.

Linkin Park will be there for long time and they are going to tour the places every year. So try not to be over emotional and quit your job just to see LP for a day! After coming from concert what will you do? Regret till the time you get a new job?

So keep calm and think about it for an hour or a day!


Ok, I kept my job, got pay rise, went to 2 LP shows, met amazing people, got great memories :wink: everything went well


congrats mate :smile:


Wow, good for you!