Imagine Dragons discussion


are there any other Imagine Dragons fans on this forum? They’re one of my favorite bands and I went to their concert in Amsterdam last friday. They’re incredible live!
My favorite songs are Tiptoe, It’s Time, Amsterdam, Smoke and Mirrors, I’m So Sorry and Warriors.


I’m not into ID but I like Friction and Battle Cry (but it’s not better than WID, ND and I by LP)


live version of Friction is epic. I also love how it kinda sounds like arabic music lol


Hi Rick, nice to meet ya here after having you on my soundcloud playlist…lol, yes I like The Imagine Dragons, but I´m kinda uneducated, link sth good here on your topic, please, thanx…lol :blush:


Oh now I recognise your name! haha
I don’t understand that last part, do you want me to post a link to a song?


Yes Sir


I’m So Sorry

Smoke and Mirrors


the first is made direct in heaven lol, the second isn´t available, but I gonna have a look at yt, thanx for the share…great share :sparkler:


I like them, there are a lot of songs by them I like: demons, radioactive, Warriors, top of the world, it’s time, bet my life, battle cry and a few others.


I Love ID. Smoke & Mirrors is my fav album!!


They’re okay, not exactly my favorite type of music but if they’re on I won’t demand it be shut off.


Shots is pretty cool and if it wasn’t for the WWE playing their song Friction over and over again, I wouldn’t have never gotten into the song




I’m not too big a fan but that’s a cool tune. I still think Battle Cry and Friction sound better.


Friction is a beast, but I don’t like Batlle Cry that much. Either way, can’t wait for their new album


I do like some ID songs like Demons, Battle Cry and Radioactive but my science teacher is obsessed with them. She also listens to Linkin Park as well and says that they are her top 2 bands of all time.




New song today!


New album "Evolve’’ has been announced today, out June 23!


I :heart: ID and am having somewhat of a dilemma. They will be on GMA the same day as LP at Citifield. Granted one is in the a.m. the other in the p.m. but in order for me to attend the ID concert, I have to leave my house at 4:30 a.m. to get to Central Park…oh and my plan for buying more tixs for Citifield is blown since their pre sale for Barclays is Monday :sob::sob::sob:.