Imagine Dragons discussion


And ID just broke a record LP held for 14 yrs with their song Believer




has anyone heard Evolve yet? I’m really excited to listen


Nope. I’ve only heard believer so far.


I got it todayand its awesome :sunglasses:


I just listened to it. I really the first half of the album but the last few tracks are kinda boring. Except for Start over. Yesterday’s awesome too


Just heard released ones…believer, thunder, whatever it takes and walking the wire…
I literally liked whatever it takes :slight_smile:


so I’ve listened to it a couple times now and I think one of the main issues is the tracklisting of this album. I made a new one and I think it flows better with this order:

  1. Believer
  2. Whatever It Takes
  3. Rise Up
  4. Yesterday
  5. Mouth Of The River
  6. I Don’t Know Why
  7. Walking The Wire
  8. Start Over
  9. I’ll Make It Up To You

I’ll make it up to you is such a better closer song than Dancing in the dark. The latter and Thunder I just dislike very much so I decided to leave them out


So I just restarted to listen to Evolve today…so far I like the songs. I like Yesterday, Believer, Thunder, Walking the Wire…helll so far I like em all :blue_heart:


I liked many of them but not all


I had kinda forgotten about Evolve haha. I guess I don’t think it’s really memorable. The first 2 albums were definitely better IMO


Same here…
The first two were better…


I like some Imagine Dragons songs😉 Demons, Believer, Radioactive, Not today, I bet my life. I think I will be their fan soon😊 Like this band


New song!


I’ll have to tell my science teacher tomorrow. She loves Imagine Dragons


Yesss! I got the yt notif some days ago! :smiley::smiley:


I think it’s their best single in a while. Miles better than Thunder at least


Ya… i agree… i didn;t like the thunder much


Interesting video on the band and their label as a rock band: