IMPORTANT! Concert on the 6. November


Hello Soldiers, I need your help (special from Germans)

I’m confused with this special tickets… I just got normal Tickets to the show in Cologne but do I have this early entry thing? (got the LPU laminate already) and if I’m able to go earlier, can I do this also if I’m 15? I’m not sure about the german laws… Sry for my bad english. I hope you understand what I mean and can help me soon…


Yes you can, all LPU members are eligible for early entry. Just wait for more info regarding the show you’re attending to be released.


Will I get a message then?


[quote=The Unknown Artist]Will I get a message then?
When the time comes, the info will be posted on the news section


yes! info coming really soon on M&G and Early Entry.


I don’t like to ask stupid stuff… but my friend (also LPU now) will go with me to the Concert… what if I or she win a M&G, will be still able to enjoy the concert togheter? I mean that I go to her after the M&G… or do I have to go to that side host place (don’t know what it is)… sry if this question has been ask already


and Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:


ok so as far as I know and what I’ve done for every time I get a PIT GA tickets I always go early and head to the LPU only entrance wich allows us LPU members go in before anyone else in the venue. which of corse its a HUGGE advantage if you wanna be as close as possible without having to arrive too early to make line like everyone else. I asume this is the same routine for every concert regarding the country it is. I’ve only been to concerts in the US but I hope this helps. if you wanna be sure I say ask Lorenzo :slight_smile: