Important: How do I find out if I am in the LPU?


Hi, so I buyed the LPU membership on July 4th.
But I can’t access all parts of the forum. I can’t read all the topics. I know bc sometimes someone posts a like I don’t have access to. Other people said that is strange and I thought so too so I wrote the support.
The support said the forum was undergoing maintainance but it should work now. But I still can’t go to certain topics.
Now, this is important bc of the LPU chat with Mike of Friday.
I don’t want to miss it!! I even want to rescedule my work for it, so I really want to take part and see him live.
I can go to the chat now, so does this mean I can go there as well when Mike is in?
It would be so great to see him live!

P.S.: I’m just worried because someone said it is strange that I can’t read some topics and I don’t have a certain banner or something… Do I need to check anything before Friday?


As long as you paid for a membership you are a LPU member. Keep in mind that the chats now take place in VYRT and not the actual LPU chat :wink:

I hope the forums issues gets resolved too!


Thank you! Yes, I paid on July 4th (it also sais so in my account). Where does it take place? I’m glad you told me, otherwise I would be waiting in the LPU chat!


Just read the news LPUHQ posted about it. All the info you need should be listed there.


I found it. Thanks. I wrote this, before they posted. I hope it will work :).