Improvisation - Ace Masters


Here is something new for my fans
Usually I type out a song go back re-read it perfect it blah blah blah but this time
Well this is a improvisation so it has no theme, no style, no nothing…hope you are ready for it

Verse 1
There are blind men with a vision
Build a brick wall like long division
We can’t be prepared, no revision
And it will be up and they won’t be forgiven
Passing laws that don’t make sense
Some don’t use their opinions and sit on the fence
And it all gets heated and the debate gets tense
The time for forgiveness gets less and less
So, forget it, it all sounds the same
No amount of petition will make it change
What is the point in pointing the blame?
This is what it is, it’s the end game!

My next project



pretty good for an improvisation


This is it, can’t be stopped
Will stand up with all i’ve got
Fighting for what they are not
I’ve got the dream that they all dropped