In Denial. Trying to Find Strength


I keep wishing that I could wake up from this bad dream.

I keep checking the Internet to see if this is real.

I keep checking the Internet for answers.

I keep asking God why he didn’t intervene.

I keep asking God if this was a mistake. If so, is there a way to bring him back?

I keep listening to Linkin Park to remember.

I find strength in knowing that Chester wouldn’t want to disappoint or make any of his fans depressed.


@aed_mama Together we will overcome this difficult season. Keep ALL the beautiful memories of Chester above this sadness. Chester would’ve wanted all of us to be happy and smile. Life is way too short for any of us to not make beautiful moments.
The Messenger is my favorite song, read the lyrics. It’s encouraging and uplifting! Have a beautiful day. Peace :pray:t3:

“The Messenger”

When you feel you’re alone
Cut off from this cruel world
Your instincts telling you to run

Listen to your heart
Those angel voices
They’ll see you to you
They’ll be your guide
Back home where life leaves us blind
Love keeps us kind
It keeps us kind !

When you suffered it all
And your spirit is breaking
You’re growing desperate from the fight
Remember your love
And you always will be
This melody will always bring
You right back home

When life leaves us blind
Love, keeps us kind!
When life leaves us blind
Love keeps us kind!

Oh oh!
Oh oh!
Oh oh!

Written by Brad Delson, Chester Charles Bennington, Dave Farrell, Joseph Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Robert G. Bourdon • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing