Incinerate The Air - The Unity of Us


So with a couple of songs under our belts
I think this writing together is picking up well

With The Smashed Bacon Man in the bag time to hit the next project

As once again starting with a title was a hit
(First with Minerals and now TSBM) i think we continue this trend

@the_termin8r I ask you again that to make it fair and give someone a chance to come up with a title that you don’t come up with one but still vote etc :slight_smile:

Everyone else

You know the drill

Your song title and the style it should go in

My Song: Because I Need You
Style: Ballad/Rock


Style: rap/metal




About the change - nu Christian metall


Incinerate the air

Post hard-core


Title: I don’t feel like studying
Genre: metalcore


Title: Screw it all

Style: rock song


Oh I like that one very much @gatsie
Reminds of a song I wrote called Fk You and You Bch


lol Glad you like it, I wasn’t even thinking when I wrote that down :stuck_out_tongue:


these are the best man, right from the soul without mind reflecting…



Genre: rock/rap


You have my vote already :stuck_out_tongue: Though Incinerate the air and Ripple sound awesome too. Damn, I can’t pick :confused:


I think that is everyone
Poll to go up tomorrow

  • Because I Need You - Ballad/Rock
  • Ripple - Rap/Metal
  • About The Change - Nu Christian Metal
  • Incinerate The Air - Post Hardcore
  • I Don’t Feel Like Studying - Metalcore
  • Screw It All - Rock
  • Outcasts - Rock/Rap

0 voters



@jabinquaken looks like your title won this won

So it’s down to you who is doing what!


This will be song six by The Unity of Us


We’ve got enough for an EP :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, I’ll try to handle this. Don’t blame me. I’ll try to make it hard, but I think it’s more interesting this way.

Verse 1
Line 1 @jabinquaken
Line 2 @jessicarister
Line 3 @rickvanmeijel

Pre-chorus @theearlywalker

Chorus 1 @jabinquaken

Verse 2
Line 1 @the_termin8r
Line 2 @AJ_7
Line 3 @gatsie

Pre-chorus @theearlywalker

Chorus 2 @acemasters

Bridge @samuel_the_leader

Chorus 3 @the_termin8r

As I plan it:

  1. I plan this to be kinda agressive song which is coming up to scream at the chorus and reducing to slow at the bridge.

  2. @theearlywalker you gonna have to write two different pre-choruses trying to make each “on the rise” like.

  3. @acemasters you gonna have to make a chorus which will be different from mine but in the same key. Try to make it so it could be combined with the Chorus 1.

  4. @samuel_the_leader try to make a slow bridge which is getting more intense to the end.

  5. @the_termin8r you gonna have to take Chorus 1 and Chorus 2 and combine their lyrics into final chorus.

That’s what I got, guys. Hope, nobody’s forgotten, nobody’s offended. Tell me your suggestions if there’re any. Tell me if you have something to change.


I do like a challenge



So do I add anything to C1 & C2?