Info EE to Berlin


Hello, I am from Czech Republic, so sorry for my english.

I go at concert at Berlin (3.9.2015) and my problem is that LPU buying my aunt, because she is living in USA and she said: I’ll take your LPU to Czech Republic"

My problem is that her name is shooping voucher. I want exploit EE to find a better space at the tribune. I know that need print shooping voucher, but what I do, when her name is on shooping voucher?

I forgot that could use EE…

I buy tickets at tribune and if it is possible I want to use entry for Early Entrace.

Thank you.


If you have ticket for tribune, Early Entrance is unnecessary, because you have your own assigned seat. Nobody can be on your seat and you can’t be on someone’s else seat.
+Rybnik from Poland is very close to Czech Republic, why everyone prefer so much longer journey to Berlin? :smiley:


I am from Karlovy Vary, I have near Berlin as Rybnik.

My tickets are for sector without assigned seat.


Ok, you need to email HQ and let them know because you won’t be able to get in if you get selected cause they’ll see your aunt’s name on the list and not yours. More info on the early entry and if it’ll be available at your show will be released later as the show’s date approaches, just keep an eye in the news section. (Btw, Karlovy Vary is badass! I loved that place! And the Czech Republic in general, such a beautiful country!)


O, thank you very much