Inofficial Meetup Berlin after LP concert


Hey guys,

dont forget that some of us will meet after the LP concert in Berlin at the merch stand.
I guess what we will do afterwards will depend on how many are going to come :smile:

Looking forward to meet and see you!!



as said before, if my daughter is still in good mood, we, and my husband take sure part!


Would be nice to meet you and your fam. If they are not too tired, just drop by quickly :slight_smile:


I think even like you, the whole day (mb two with FM included) will let us all fall in morpheus arms after the LP show, but who knew? Maybe it´s good comming down together a bit, let´s wait and see is what you get, SLF


Cannot go to the meetup on September 2nd because im going to the Fort Minor show. In the beginning of this topic, people spoke about a Night Meetup after LP Show, the meeting point is the Merch Desk into the venue.