[insert totally nifty topic here]


And this is what you’ll do!


Urgh…I’m going to play it… :see_no_evil: I’m sure I’ll regret it… :see_no_evil: :skull:

EDIT: what do you find cute there??! There’s nothing cute! :frowning: :skull:


:anguished: what do you mean?? That voiiiiceee hahaha
And those eyeeeees :sweat_smile:


Only the kid voice… the rest is SCARY! :see_no_evil: :sob:


@the_termin8r this came up on twitter

HU are making a documentary?!?! Seems more a bit like LPTV in a way. I did not even know, this is part 6


Speaking of documentaries, has anyone seen Believer yet?


@AJ_7 , there’s another HU song out. Not sure I like this one either.


Thanks for the tag! Oh no, It got taken off. Can’t find it anywhere else either. Wonder if that was a leak.

I found this, it has a link to the song:

Yeah not fond of it either. Very repetitive and slightly annoying. On another note I started loving Gotta Let Go!


Probably, there’s nothing on spotify yet and there’s no official post on their channel.


For any animal lovers.

The honey badger is probably my second fav land animal. lol