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No worries- :blush: my first days and months were chaotic too- maybe one thing that we all more or less trying to do: it’s keeping the forums clean, means to not spam every thread with random conversation as we are doing it atm here- :see_no_evil: but we have a few threads for random talks- like the nifty thread or the last letter game thread- which is our secret chatroom- so if you like to continue our conversation- let’s do it in one of these threads- and that’s why I am answering here rn :wink: @anjasteidl - enjoy your time here :grin:


Alright cool. I’m still trying to figure out where to talk about what, because as you said there’s a chat for a lot of different topics. Thanks for being so welcoming, I appreciate it


Well, atleast the one time when reddit was actually useful.




What thread is that?


Tag- your it


Yeah, I won’t be going back to that. :stuck_out_tongue:


:joy::joy: just wanted you to know that you are still and ongoing tagged- lol - ppl want to hear from you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@theearlywalker, I’m seeing Mike, but not in Paris. But it’ll be during my stopover before my connecting flight to Perth, Australia, so I’m taking a big gamble. If there is any delay before that (god forbid), I may miss the concert (actually I purchased it from a third-party quite some time ago and it already arrived in the mail quite some time ago). The trip to Australia was already booked back in June, before my course was even confirmed (this trip was my father’s idea, he wanted to see property in Perth, yes I’m not going alone, I’m going the entire trip with him). Based on the original course I was supposed to take, it would have had a break starting from Aug 20. So I will be skipping several days of the course that I’m currently taking for this trip. And this just in, looks like my father wants me to hand something over to my grandmother just before we depart on the trip.


Wooow :tada: - that is absolutely crazy amazing cool- :upside_down_face: it will be very exciting :crazy_face: I think!! I’m so happy for you that you have tickets and I keep my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2: for that you see him and that it will be absolutely incredible - because you deserve it Sam :muscle:t2::confetti_ball:


They are aweessomeee!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::smiley:

@anjasteidl :hugs: welcome to forums dear artist! Hope you have a great time here. You can check game sections to get in touch with people more… :smile: and as @theearlywalker said! Last letter game is our small chatroom!
( I guess big one :joy: LLG vol lll !)


I am lost! :joy:


Loool- he has the thread muted and gets no notification- but a lot of ppl didn’t know it and thought maybe he ignores the tags- and get it maybe wrong- that’s why I made a screenshot and tagged him here to show him about him being tagged - :grin:


Lol yeah! :joy:
So you don’t get notifs if you tag in muted thread?


@theearlywalker @chigokurosaki @lpfan61 see this! What could be better :joy::joy: all summarized!!


Whoa!! Also…we see!!! Too many unread for us now!forum’s on fire! :joy: :joy: :hugs: :hugs:


:joy::joy: lol sry!


The Eagles score biggest-selling album of all time in US, surpassing Thriller


@the_termin8r This is something you will like:


It’s cool, but they cheated lol.