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I’m telling you, you should work for them! You’d do an amazing job!


I doubt they’d have me, there’s people that are miles better.


You never know until you try. I still believe you are amazing and they would be lucky to have you working with them


Agreed with @AJ_7 ! Don’t underestimate yourself! Get the degree first and then try! :muscle: :smile:


Yeah completely agree! And I think your degree will give you leverage as well.


Awwww- you’re sooo nice dear :hugs:


Eminem just released a new album without any notice at all

Tag, you're it!

Havent listened to it yet, but…


Yea i did.


I heard it on Spotify and Iove IT! Slim Shady is on fire!!


No, @spellingmistake is a lovely person! :heart_eyes:


Aww @amitrish


Woohoooo! You are back here! Welcome.


Eat a spaghetti




I had a dream about Mike last night that was pretty awesome.
First, he was painting really weird stuff somewhere, like not his usual skulls and art-sy things, it looked like he actually didn’t know how to draw.
Then I was at a show of his and he pulled 2 fans on stage to play his guitar but none knew the right way so he kind of gave up and asked if anyone knew the piano part and I screamed from the crowd and got completely terrified when he said to come up on stage. I somehow ended up playing In The End but obviously made mistakes and missed a few notes but he came up to me and whisperers to my ear “Next time you make a mistake, make sure to make it LOUD!” and I woke up.

Obviously these are coming from watching and reading the latest news of the tour but I thought it was pretty sweet.


I just read what Mike wrote on the instagram about the tour and I’m so proud of him and the soldiers who attended the shows!! :heart: Thank you all for being always this caring and kind and joyful! I love the LP family, the band and Mike! :heart:

Just feeling to say it… :blush:
Also thank you @IronSoldier16 for making me read it… You know I don’t have socials and I really appreciate your caring! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Whenever you want I’ll send you what Mike says :hugs: :smile:


Yeaah!! :hugs: :hugs:
I check his socials, but not so frequently… :sweat_smile:


Thank you so much for sharing- so nice dream :heart_eyes: