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Nor me, just when a notification pops up :sweat_smile:


It’s ok! Thank you!! :hugs:


Not sure where to put this, but this was Joe’s set in Singapore:



I say he deserves his own thread for a change :joy:


Praise you for agreeing with me that joe needs a little love! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3: Haha


:yellow_heart::heart:️ Yeah … I’m in - let’s have the celebration of Joes amazing crazyness today :crazy_face:


Just found out that Tom Morello is going to release a song with Steve Aoki and Tim Mcllrath. That must be one of the weirdest collabs I’ve ever heard :smile:


The evening of the week


Bat @framos1792 , someone’s trying to kill you!! :joy: :joy: :joy:



Thanks for sharing @the_termin8r ! Did quite a bit of it at uni, and it sort of completed what I learnt! I didn’t know that musical taste sets at 13/14


@lpuhq will we get some kind of update who is replacing Lorenzo? The whole family is very interested in this kind of stuff going on… just to let you guys know!


Sigur Rós drummer quits band following rape allegations


Researchers noticed that the users of this font remembered more (57%) than of the arial font (50%)


@lpaniist congratulations on your question being asked on Member Guest!


This was very interesting thanks for sharing this Rob


Yay! :sweat_smile: :muscle: I haven’t listened yet! I have to do it asap :100: :wink:

Edit: as soon as I finish watching Star Wars :joy:



Due to privacy reasons, I’m gonna be using Modzilla Firefox from now on. Feels more ‘safe’, Google already knows too much about me :sweat_smile: