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Wow talk about coincidence…


Have I missed something?


Not sure if it’s the exact reason, but Google’s awful social platform Google+ was hacked and now they are closing it down


LOL. Nothing is truly private on the internet though.


I just wanna move away from the big companies like Google, I think they’re already too powerful with all the data they got

Yeah true


Firefox isn’t exactly owned by a non-profit company with 2 employees from the middle of nowhere. :joy:


What does it mean?? I use it!! :scream:


I’m trolling a bit. Rick said he wants to move away from big companies, so he’s moving to firefox (which isn’t exactly owned by a small company). It’s like saying, “I’m fed up of living in NYC, I want to go somewhere more quiet, I’ll move to central London.” :joy:


Yeah yeah don’t get cocky kid :smile:


Holy cow, talk about big companies and privacy


Alright buttfaces. Who’s going to the Cincinnati show? @LP13413 @framos1792 @gatsie @tubbytubby‘s


I’ll be at the show tomorrow in New York City.


Haha the cincy show is for the dweebs :wink:
Sf is where it’s gonna be at! :partying_face:


All the cool people is going to Ciny


Cool as in it’s chill dead slow there
It’s hot lit up with all the awesome people at the sf show :sunglasses:


I’m going to the Chicago show


Boston’s going to get the best show. Let’s be real. :fire::smile:


I’m this close to making a really crude joke, but I’ll keep it to myself. :joy:


Haha…should of said have the best show :joy:


No, that wasn’t it. You have to think like me in order to perhaps get on roughly the right tracks.