[insert totally nifty topic here]


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: American revolution joke? :joy: at best I hope :sweat_smile:
Yeah I think I might think a little more like you and I still don’t get that one :joy:


Fml I do think like you :no_mouth:
I was afraid to mention it considering… :persevere:


I’m still lost


He was going to say that that show is gonna be the bomb
Please proceed to kicking his ass please :no_mouth:


It clicked about 2 seconds after I posted that, a certain event coming to mind.


Yeah I know it’s personal…
let me apologize for the both of us

Actually I’ll kick his ass for you :triumph: and then I’ll jump off a cliff too :confused:
Let’s go @the_termin8r, you heard me
Either jump or I push


Woah…no jumping off cliffs…


Mmmmm then here’s you hammer, you can take a few free whacks at us :innocent: :hammer:

Just not the face nor…other sensitive areas :innocent::crazy_face:

Or as many hugs as you’d like? :hugs::crazy_face:


Post deleted. I do fancy a cliff jump though. And sorry.


It’s ok, guys. Really. I’ll take the hugs though :hugs: :crazy_face:
Don’t hurt yourself on the cliff jump.


Here we go :smiley::sweat_smile:


Was it a bome crusher discussion lol.

On topic : a dragonfly came to my house for oje night stay. Took a place in kitchen and sleeping there. My bro says charge a rent to it. I was like shut up :joy:


I would have just killed it on the spot. :joy:


:scream: Noooooooo!!! Don’t kill dragonflies!!!


We don’t have any here.


Bro. :roll_eyes: It’s okay you are 190+cms but all are not like that… that they’ll reach the dragonfly on the roof. + It had come here before too for one night stay lol i let it :joy::laughing:


Nah mate, that’s @NickGr :joy: , I’m only 1.83m.


For real??! :roll_eyes: well at least they’re safe from you… :laughing:


Delete that word “only” right now :unamused::unamused:


Not in my area at least, I’m not sure I’ve seen a dragonfly in the wild here, only damselflys.