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Why? 1.83m isn’t that tall. How tall are you?


Is that important :frowning: you know the firsr time i came to know that you and nick are around 190 lol. :stuck_out_tongue:… i was so shocked. I was like i want my height to increase by at least 5’6" . That isn’t that short too. Here it’s tall. I dunno in UK. Maybe people are more taller there. I am 5’4½"


And you’re better off for it, 1.63m isn’t actually that bad. My sister is about that tall and she doesn’t strike me as small. You’re 16 right?


Yes i am 16.


You’re just above average for your age, I don’t see what’s wrong.


I never calculated so minutely. Well that’s good then…


Now, this is insane.


We were just watching this! It is indeed.


A friend posted it on WA, the smoothness of the movement always gets me, I can’t begin to comprehend the work that went into it.


A 14 hour flight is quite a long time. A lot of people were sleeping but I couldn’t sleep, so ended up binge watching the Young Sheldon Show. It’s quite entertaining. More entertaining than the Big Bang Show. But maybe I it was because I was more than 10.000 meters in the sky, lack of sleep or…? Yeah whatever. :sweat_smile:


That’s tiiiiiight!!! :star_struck:


This is getting too creepy



thats so funny its cool :smiley:


Johnny Depp leaves Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, say reports


Brad was found :joy: so glad to see him


This made my day :heart_eyes: thanx for sharing @AJ_7 :hugs:


Is he writing with Mike?

I read Disney wants to reboot the franchise :man_facepalming:


They haven’t said. LPFC just said that they didn’t post the name so that ‘she’ wouldn’t get overwhelmed. So not Mike unless they wanted to throw us off by saying ‘she’


Was so happy to see this!