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So happy to see him :heart: :raised_hands:t4: Any info where’s this pic came from? Looks like someones ig story (I found that pics on vk but there’s no info )

EDIT: Ok nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:


Unpublished Song feat. Mark Morton (lamb of god)

Awwww, thanx @AJ_7 - this feels absolutely awesome to find „new“ music of him!! And will you keep us in touch?!!


Of course! Anytime I see anything I will post it!


Thanx dear :kissing_heart:


I was just browsing around the Lego site looking at what they have, ended up looking up the instructions for that set I gave you, @AJ_7, turns out there’s a 4th design only available online.



Yes this is exciting! I hope Warner will let them release the songs with Chester though. I have a feeling they don’t want that to happen (yet)


Just got an email for new LPU merch, I’d like to take this moment to be a smug arse, and say I told you so. There was no LPU 17 album and there most likley won’t be an 18 one either, this is just getting greedy now. Pumping out lazily designed merch and paid LPU memberships for nothing. I decided to browse the rest of the shop too. £24 for a flag of unknown dimensions? Are you f*cking me with this sh!t? :joy:


Unfortunately I agree…
everything is far overpriced


I don’t own a single piece of merch for that reason, probably never will. Not that I can’t afford it, it’s just idiotic to pay what they’re asking.


I have received a mail confirming there wouldnt be any “bundle” for year 18, and I guess all memberships will change to the basic $10 digital memebership.
While I agree that official merchandises are highly priced, we have to understand that it is their one of the ways of earning money. Come to think of it, today you can buy individual songs for $1 but a CD pack is comparitively expensive (sometimes even more than a digital album) but people buy it. It is a choice. Let the people who are happy buying these things be happy. Atleast they are not putting someone else in misery.


Agreed…it’s the same with any band merch really… I still buy stuff here and there for the “pride” aspect of it…all I was saying is everyone knows there’s a big profit margin on all this stuff :sweat_smile:

The membership I’d gladly pay just for the community atmosphere within LPU
Just something you gotta pick and choose whenever possible :man_shrugging:t2:


Very well said @amitrish- I agree 100% ( that’s really not often :joy:) and I wanna add this: running this platform costs money that I pay with pleasure- because it gave and gives me so much fun, support, love, inspiration and last but not least friends I’ll never ever wanna miss again in my life- that’s not to pay with money!!

Plus wearing soldiers clothes is like wearing a uniform- I’ll definitely gonna buy one or the other piece of it :blush:

Overall I’m just beyond happy that this is a clear sign that the LPU will go on- and whenever the guys are ready to play together again ( and this day will come, I’m sure about this ) we are the core fanbase that will burst in joy :heart:


Aye aye! Agreed with what you said :sweat_smile:
The friends we meet, the people we meet is priceless :sweat_smile:


:hugs: exactly :blush:


Because the normally priced stuff makes a loss? The general rule of thumb for most products is that they’re priced at 3 times the production cost. Band merch is always stupidly priced because bands know there are droves of usually mindless fans that will fork over truck loads of cash for anything they make.

Could you justify £24 for a flag when a 5ft x 3ft union jack is £6 quid on amazon?

I’m not saying they shouldn’t be.

It does, but clearly not so much that they can’t afford to run the whole thing if everyone has a free account like me.

You shouldn’t have to pay to make friends, it’s one way they trap you, they get you to feel as if you’re in some kind of debt to them. I’ve gotten as much out of it as you and I haven’t paid a penny. This is all marketing, so @rickvanmeijel can better explain.


There are so many things that I want to write, but I will keep it short. There is a goodwill/ brand charge. By your rule of thumb, some company may want to price the product at 2x the production cost while others may do it at 5x. Case in point: apple products. Dont buy if you dont like, but this ia basic supply-demand part.

Second, comparing flag prices is apple and oranges. You wouldnt be able to justify Lego’s $10/piece retail against a production rate $0.12/piece.

One of the core ideas of marketing is to promote products at a higher price to make maximum profit. When you interview for a job, you try to get the best possible salary and do least possible work. Consider the same analogy.


And I don’t, I’ve only ever bought two or three Lego components, almost all the Lego I own is from gifts I’ve been given over the years. That’s why I got so annoyed that I lost a large chunck of pieces.

EDIT: $10 is massively exaggerated, at that rate a set of 1k will cost 10k. The price is still in pence / piece.

EDIT 2: The price per piece of the rally car on Lego’s site is only 10p / piece. Your info is either wrong or exaggerated. I won’t deny that Lego is expensive though.


Lool :joy::joy: welcome to 2018 - you have to pay for everything- even for finding your partner as Tinder proves! And to each his own- there is no right or wrong in this discussion - it’s points of views- I can now quote your whole paragraph and set my arguments against it… but what is the point in it? Let’s just agree to differ!


It is wrong. When I said I want to write less, I didnt knew I would write wrong. I moved a couple of decimals at the time of writing. On an average, a 1200piece Lego is priced at appx $120. Mistake accepted. But you get my point which is good.