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Keep us updated on when you build it @amitrish!

It’s perfect @the_termin8r ! I prefer lego over technic



Cool Lego sets guys!


Godsmack is coming to my town! :raised_hands:t4: :boom: Thank you.


It has arrived. I am unsure when will I start assembling it though.


If you are going to the show, Godspeed.


(runs into chat in ninja suit)
(knees @framos1792 in the chin at high speed)


I’ve seen them live with my sister. They. Were. Awesome.


Stan Lee: Spider-Man, X-Men and Avengers creator dies aged 95


Now he’s with his wife and away from the crazies

Update: just left the concert…my brain hurts


Which band/artist’s concert? Is that a bunny band?


No. Although he could be. A person name Mike Shinoda :sunglasses:



Yeah, I’m trying to get tickets! There’s coming more friends and family members than I expected :sweat_smile::raised_hands:t4:


All the best for the tickets. I assume it will be sold out real soon. So be quick. :metal:


Just learned about a UK band called Don Broco, they were before Mike and they were amazing. My sister knew two of their songs but didn’t know the band. They are pretty good. She fell for the bass guitarist


I didn’t even know there were going to be other performers before Mike, I thought it’s be just him. I also really liked them, they seem really nice too. They were hanging out by the merch booth after the show in Chicago and me and my friend talked to them a little and shook their hands


I have…a CAKE!!!

(attack’s self)


(runs in)


Man sues British Airways for ‘sitting him next to fat passenger’


cough @framos1792 :joy:

Leave it to an engineer to use hyperbole as a weapon to make some easy cash. :stuck_out_tongue: Though I don’t doubt that he was sat next to somone too big.

“Lateral pressure on my upper body” - Only an engineer. :joy: :joy: :joy: