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Lol why the cough? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:
Anyway, I hate how society has become sue-happy regardless of the reasoning lol
That dude had to be huuuuge though lol so maybe there’s something to it :joy:


Didn’t you say you took the CE path in uni?


Ah yes :roll_eyes:


Finished these two @the_termin8r! Love this set so much! The first one is the online exclusive @lpfan61 Don’t click on the spoiler of the second photo, it’s the spider.



Awesome!! :heart_eyes:
Actually… I clicked…but thanks for warning me! :blush: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
:thinking: It’s the first time I think a spider is cute… :flushed: :joy:


I finished modelling all of them that day but forgot to post a pic.


Your spider is more creepy… :frowning:
But well done!


Because I know how to arrange the legs. :smirk:


Thank you… :angry: (the angry face is to point out that the ‘thank you’ was sarcasm. I couldn’t find a glaring face) :joy::joy:


These creatures remind me of this awesome Lego dragon set I had. This one:


Why “had”?? :face_with_monocle:


Lol. It has ended up in pieces in a big Lego box, stored on the attic. Haven’t played with Legos for 10 years or so


8 in 1, damn.


:scream: poor Lego set… it must feel lonely… :cry:


Back in the good ol’ days :smile:

You have no idea haha


Can you go up there, find everything, put it back in a box and send it to me? :sunglasses: I can give you some blessings in return.

Does lego make a cat piece and write 9 in 1?

(I will show myself out now.)


I’m afraid that’s impossible :sweat_smile: we gave away some other boxes that most certainly contained pieces of this set as well.


Who’s Banksy?


Banksy in Milan! :heart_eyes:


Isn’t it one of those new age artists that tend to stay anonymous? Or like…not anonymous obviously but not in the spotlight