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Yep, something like that… sorry for the late reply, but I have bad line tonight… :expressionless:


Spider look great!


Downloading to play it later.


Banksy is awesome! I saw his art in Amsterdam the last time I went


Let me know how it is. I want to see it… and I still haven’t watched Bohemian Rhapsody.


I was charmed by the documentary. I thought it was a tour video, but it captured the 2 decades of the band in just over 100mins. People who have followed the band gets to revise all of it, and the ones like me who just know their music get a glimpse of the band’s journey and learn a good story. I would recommend it.
My favourite music documentary continues to be Anvil!


Fok me.


So?? You made me watch that idiot… :woman_facepalming: :joy:


What idiot?


The one who fell down…


Why’s he an idiot? He was the rider, they were supposed to strap him in, it wasn’t his fault.


But why the thing (don’t know the right name :see_no_evil: ) started fly without him being attached?and isn’t it for one person at a time?


Hang glider

The guy that fell off was a first-timer, obviously he needs a trained pilot. They probably thought he was attached.


Ok, now it’s clearer… Anyway…if I were in that position I would had left the grip straight away as the hang glider started flying… ( still in time to leave the grip)


Poor guy he said he’ll go again because he didn’t enjoy it the first time


I’d go again too.


Instant regret :joy:


I just got a share bage for a topic I’ve only posted in 11 times, have had muted for 8 months and forgot even existed. How does that work?




What? I’ve never shared a link in or to that thread.