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Maybe you shared a link to the thread somewhere where people clicked it 25 times. Some trickery it is.


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I saw it today. I couldn’t stop foot-tapping. I would recommend it. And boy, oh boy, Live Aid '85 will blow you.


I need to buy some new books, any reccomendations? My friend told me the Atticus poetry is good but I’m not really sure :open_book:


I’m not a fan of books, but I can recommend Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. It’s about a teenager who carries on his uncle’s spy work after his uncle gets killed during a mission. There was a film made of it, the film is pure shit, the book isn’t. If you end up liking the book, there’s a whole series with the same character.


12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson. It’s non-fiction though


What kind of book recommendation are you looking for? I always suggest “A million little pieces” by James Frey and “Fight Club” by Chuck Palahniuk. If you are a voracious reader, try “Disgrace” by JM Coetzee.

This is a good book. Watch a few Jordan’s video on YT. You probably will like him.


I know right. His videos and interviews inspired me so much that I just had to buy his book. Didn’t dissapoint


I watched his famous interview with the lady who kept on saying “so are you saying…” And I was impressed by his clarity of thought.
And then the most important part happened. He said that it should be about “equal opportunity” not “equal results” and I felt an immediate connection as this is what I have been talking everyday.
I came to know about the book very late.


My brother recomended me that book one, I’m started to read that book and I haven’t finished it :sweat_smile: there’s a movie based on that book right?

@rickvanmeijel that will be my no 1!

@amitrish Novel, psychological, fantasy sometimes drama, depends of mood :joy: Fight club is my favourite movie I guess the book is more detailed?( I can’t believe I’ve never read that). About James Frey I read My friend Leonard and I really like that author so A million little pieces seems to be good choice…this kind of books reminds me about Requiem for a Dream.
Edit: Oh and the Disgrace! Thank god I first read the book because movie besides Malkovich doesn’t suprised me :stuck_out_tongue:


I didnt knew Disgrace had a movie adaptation. And I see you read a lot, so I can give you other suggestions too. Try Chuck Palahniuk’s initial writings. The movie Fight Club is a faithful adaptation but I still enjoyed the book. See if you like the books like My Name Is Red. These days I read very few books.
Currently, I am reading Milkman. So far, I am liking it.


Cool! Let us know what you think :slight_smile:


@amitrish Omg you read a really good books! :heart_eyes: I heard about Milkman Booker nomination etc. and I hope I get the book store gift card on Christmas cause you guys give me so many good reccomendations! I heard The Foster Child is good and my friend recommended me author Yuval Noah Harari you heard something about that author?


I just had the weirdest night. Wanted to go to bed early, so I went at 00:40, fell asleep some time around 01:50. Then I had a weird dream that one of my lecturers was trying to kill me with a Stanley knife in a hospital. Woke up at 04:40 only to hallucinate that my clock was on fire. Fell back asleep around 05:00, woke up at 06:00, fell asleep at 06:15 and woke back up at 07:00 to go to uni.

Now what’s bugging me is the flaming clock. Did I hallucinate or did I wake up from a dream within a dream?



Thank you!

I havent read it or even heard of it. I went through the goodreads page and everyone seems to be crazy about it :smiley:

I haven’t completed Sapiens yet. It is a good read. I was about to buy the “sequel” A Brief History of Tomorrow on Sunday but then stopped waiting for the Christmas discounts.

You had 20mins to figure out if the clock was on fire and you wasted it. I am disappointed. Try it again tonight.


It took me exactly 20ms to figure out that it wasn’t because I’m well familiar with the smell of burning electronics.




Yesterday during the livestream:


Yes, it was instant.


That’s fast. Too bad the alarm was not on fire. I would have been more interested in that story. Nevermind, better luck next time.


@samuel_the_leader hey! Where have you been?