[insert totally nifty topic here]


That would mean setting fire to my mum. LMAO :joy:


I included a photo.
See it.
I won’t contribute any more.


Not really liking the change to the forum homepage, seems like a waste of space. Looks good on smaller screens, but not wide ones


Which home page is that? Mine looks the same as usual.


Maybe it changed only on mobile, because on pc it looks the same to me, but on phone there are too many blank spaces… :woman_shrugging:




They’re all the same on mine.


Example for the menu:


Nothing has changed for me too.


Always been like that for me, not to mention that I never touch it.

However, I just got on my laptop and they seem to have moved the category indicator to below the thread title as opposed to next to it. That’s the only change I’m seeing.


ah lol, it changed this morning to me… :sweat_smile:

Yeah, that too!


I also noticed that it my settings under account it tells me what I’ve logged in with recently (phone and laptop) and it seems to think I’m in Glasgow. :joy:


The categories being moved is what I meant, I guess I should have specified. On desktop it seems like too much white space that could be used for something else


I agree, too much space between the topics. Previous look was fine, better actually


Are anyone else’s notifications broken again?


@the_termin8r decide what avatar you want to have tonight! :joy: you’re confusing me! :joy:


LOL. I only swapped between 2 in a matter of a min or so.


The exact minute I was on line replying to you/reading posts :joy: and was like “who I’m talking to?” :joy: :rofl:


I think my (not so) secret Santa gifts were amazing this year!


It’s a family tradition to open our presents on Xmas eve. This year I got a Lego set from my sister and a new mini Bosch from my parents, because my old one died earlier this year and I also got Banshee’s electronics.

  • 42077 Rally car
  • 1005 pieces
  • 2h 56m build time
  • ~7 pieces / min

It’s got hand-of-god steering (the gear on the roof), working suspension, a diff, moving V6 and opening doors, bonnet and boot. I have to admit though, although this is a good set, they hired a lazy designer on this one, it cuts quite a few corners (lots of room for improvement), has a chassis that is very similar to the LMP car I got a few years ago and lacks power functions.

My sister got me the car, meanwhile, I gave her this. :joy: :joy: :joy:

And then I gave her her actual presents. :stuck_out_tongue:

Merry late Christmas :D what you get -.-

Nice gifts!! :grin: