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Cool gifts. We know you didnt give your sister anything. There are no pictures. That was mean. Where is the Christmas spirit?
Also, can you please scan that IOU message and share the same in PDF format with me. I need to give this to a number of people. It will come in handy. :wink:

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone.


I gave her 2 Panic At The Disco CDs, my parents would have murdered me otherwise. I’m not that kind of troll.

I would, except I don’t know where it went, she might have binned it. lol


The best gift from my brother…


@anngelenee Why do you guys have things that make me find and buy them? This is beautiful.

Also, I was taking the year end news quizzes and seems some writer had his/her fun with the witty remarks.


So…has anyone seen the preview for ‘Us’ yet? What they did to the song, ‘I got five on it’ is so creepy. I know for sure I wouldn’t be able to watch the movie but that song… as much as I want to listen to it over and over again… I fear I will give myself nightmares ;-;


Yes! You need to have that! Unicorns are magica! :smile::unicorn:

My brother asked me what I want on Christmas besides new Bentley with golden wheels :joy: So i said I want a pony…


You make me sick. :joy:


He was joking about Bentley but anyway, hey! I didn’t get anything what I want…something is clearly wrong with him! :joy:


It’s not the Bentley, it’s the golden wheels. :face_vomiting:


I know, but I move a lot (house-wise) and thus I do not buy such things. It is easier to move that ways. Someday. Till then I will watch you guys buy good things and make notes.


Best pair of videos I’ve seen all year. :joy:


I just watched Netflix’s interactive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and I am seriously worried what is going on. So I searched for reviews and this one is very close to my experience.


Just noticed this in my notifications. Wonder if it’s happened to anyone else recently.


You made me read the whole article since your post really made me worried about you- @amitrish - it sounded so serious… now I want to know in what way it affected you, because the article left me splitted wether it’s good or horrible - this Black Mirror

@the_termin8r- happy to see my most liked avatar of yours back online- and nope- never had such a notification before- looks like a new kind of notification to me… only what is the sense of it? It makes quotings undone? Did I get it right? If so it’s very weird and needs to be explained by hq…


Yeah, it removed the quote, no matter how many times I put it back in with edits. That’s why I deleted the first post and made it again. It seemed to let me quote it the second time.


Makes no sense to me… @jfar920 any idea? It’s weird…


It is excellent, the show. Netflix said this was a 90min movie. I started it with such time duration but got into two loops, and experienced 2 different endings (I found this later while reading reviews) in 90mins. And the loops were frustrating and then I realized that maybe the movie is about mental breakdown etc and the user experiences it first hand cuz what started as a movie is now a task. I liked it, but now I am going to watch the movie again with default settings and see how it ends.


It’s probably some automated feature to reduce clutter on the forum. Probably thinks there’s no reason to quote an entire post to reply to it if it’s the most recent post. It probably wouldn’t have done it if it was a partial quote or not the most recent post


I’m done studying this year. Got 7 subjects all closed for the semester (which ends on 25th of January)


Thanx for your answers guys- it’s great to see how good the notification system works after all :blush::+1:t2:

@amitrish sounds very interesting :face_with_monocle:- and maybe the self experience is really part of the concept- would be questionable imo, keep us updated about your new ending …

@jfar920 thanx and that’s it probably

@NickGr :tada::tada::tada::tada: yaaay heeey yoo Dr. Nick :hugs: Happy you’re back bro :tada::tada::hugs: