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Congrats Nick! I hope you’re having a well deserved break now


Congrats @NickGr!! Enjoy your time off :slight_smile:


Congratulations :tada:. @NickGr enjoy your free time you deserve it


Thanx guys))


Enjoy it while it lasts. :joy:


Congratulations @NickGr! Enjoy your holidays!



Let’s proof the power of the soldiers family


I am sooo sorry my dear nifty topic thread! I’ll summarize you veryyy soon​:hugs::heart_eyes: but just wanted to make at least one post today…

Hope everyone is doing well !!! And happy new yearr to everyone!!! :heart_eyes::smiley::revolving_hearts::heartpulse::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball: May this year be one of the best years of your lifeee!!! Woohooo! :confetti_ball::tada::sparkles:


The year started really amazing… i remember the 12 am i was on forums… start of my new year.:blush: It went through lot of hard happy sad and i can say it was a very intense year. Everything that happened was either truly veryyy sad or veryy happy or super excited and so on lol. But yes, this year ran away too fast… i couldn’t spread much smiles… 2017 was the best… but the year didn’t give me less happiness too… it has gave me unforgettable memories :upside_down_face:

I want to thank everyone of you to be my big support. Y’all said ““it’s okie busy bee take your time and it’s always happy to have you here”” . I felt like i am not able to give much to this family… but y’all had already accepted me as a part of this family. That always kept me up and made me feel happy. :blush:

This year was with less creations, less writing, less inspiring and almost no music melodies. So today i want to give y’all a small melody i made in an hour for y’all. :hugs: And a little “life related truth” inspiring verse. I hope you all like it… once again a big thank you for all support! :revolving_hearts::heartpulse:


★ Untitled verse

Locked up in the small room where darkness hails
Doors vanished left up in space
Infinite directions and infinite ways
Hard to choose on in these grey-black days

We shout out at God to help us again
But what’s the worth when we don’t believe in ourselves
Insidious brings us down and has blocked our brains
What to choose we decide, eiher win or mayhem

In such stages even mayhem doesn’t sound bad
Even in ending up our stories we feel glad
There’d be no torture no pain, & after that
You can die killing leftover moments we had

But to tell you all have got their own life span
We live our lives and die after we are glazed
Life never kills until our purpose has end
Until then all we learn is to attack and defend.

Life’s gonna knock you down, it always will
For dealing with pain crying is perfect skill
But learn to detach from memories of pain
If you do i assure, you’ll have lot to gain…

I don’t know why I’ve been writing this verse
This looks so imperfect and i badly need to reherse
Need to practice writing again from start
But some things ain’t long forgotten… like the one is art

Just a little more time… some months left
I will regain and renew all my gifts
All the blessings and skills that I’ve learnt from here
From angels, who always strengthened me against fears.

Y’all were always a blessing to me
Mega hugs and much love to thee
Have a lovely start of the fresh new year
Life life to the fullest and love yourself dears :heartpulse::hugs:


Hey everyone! Enjoy!!



That’s exactly what it is, just decided to test it out in another thread and it did the same thing.


Thanks @amitrish ! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

HAPPY NEW YEAR LP family!!! :tada: :tada: :tada::heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs::sparkling_heart: :heart:


Nice post, I hope you can check in more often this year! Happy new year :slight_smile:


Happy New Year :tada:



Yess! I’ll be regular from april! Happy new year to you too! :smile::smiley:


That could go easily in the laughter thread- :joy:

Happy to hear that @Honey8- looking forward to the love spamming already


Happy New Years and late holidays everyone!


What are they doing in the background today? The forum’s been broken all day.


Same question here @lpuhq?